‘American Idol’ Fans Irate Over James Durbin Exit

Michael Becker/FOX

They air their frustrations on THR’s Idol Worship blog.

American Idol fans of James Durbin aren’t thrilled he was sent home Thursday. On The Hollywood Reporter’s Idol Worship blog, several fans sounded off. Among the comments:

“James is the best ever as contestant in IDOL,” wrote one, adding that the only reason Scotty McCreery remains in the competition is because young girls “voted for him.”

Another wrote: “Saddened to see you go tonight James. Have been watching, voting, praying for you. You have amazing talent and please continue to go forward, as there is something better out there for you. A group of us DURBIN cousins do genealogy and are trying to locate the connection of all of our line. Would like to get in touch with you to share our Durbin Family Tree. Good Luck to You in your future and enjoy every moment of life with that precious little boy Hunter. God Bless You.”

“I promise that James will be so famous,” a third viewer weighed in. Calling Durbin “a rock star,” the viewer predicted he will nab “many record deals ...  Haley will be forgotten in the next few month[s] ... Just look at youtube and see how many hits on James videos and how many on Haley's? James is now Free to make his bright life. go James and we will see you on stage. for me the Idol 2011 is already over. No more fun without James and stupid Judges who gave Haley standing ovation. for what for a singer who sings like Bar Karaoke Singers who are drunk and looking for tips!!!”

Said another: “This just reinforces my thoughts about the judges for this years edition on "Idol". These judges have done a huge misjustice to the contestants by not being truthful in their comments. They seem to be absolutly afraid to step on anyones toes by giving them a bad review. All they can do it seems, is praise them, even though at times, some of the performances were horrid!!!..... Then the voters vote accordingly it seems to me....Obviously, the people doing the majority of the voting wouldn't know talent if it bit em' on the ***. And that's too bad. But in this "call in" foremat, that's what you end up with. People with the good sense to know talent & evaluate it properly, generally have more to do that sit & dial the phone over & over like a zombie. That's too bad, but it's a reality.....Haley is absolutly horrible when it comes to singing. She should never ever have made it this far! In reality, she shouldn't have made it past the first roudn of auditions. And Lauren is strictly OK.”

“This makes two of the best talents I've ever seen voted off Idol, Adam Lambert and now James Durbin,” wrote Linda G., a viewer from Birmingham, AL. “Both deserved to be American Idols. James could sing the phone book and be entertaining. He already has fantastic stage presence and has proven himself to be an entertainer, not just a singer. I hope he is able to fulfill all of the dreams he has for his family.”

“I really thought that James would win it, but in my heart I know he will suceed [sic],” added another fan. “He is the best that I ever saw on the show. When he becomes the GREAT artist that we know he is. I will be there to support him 100%. Good Luck James, you RULE!!!!!!!!”

One viewer even refuses to watch now that Durbin is gone.

“I'm just too disgusted,” the person wrote. “Plus, why watch without James there? The other don't have that much talent at all.”