'American Idol' Finale Burning Questions

Michael Becker/FOX

Find out if Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are dating, and whether Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will return for 2012.

Scotty McCreery may have taken home the top prize on last night's American Idol finale, but the Fox juggernaut's final show of the season raised a few more questions than it answered. 

1. Are McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina dating? Camera's caught the two teens being very affectionate with one another multiple times throughout the evening, most notably, what seemed to be a kiss on the lips after McCreery was announced the winner. But, for right now, the duo are keeping any budding romance under wraps. When asked at the post-show press conference, McCreery deferred, saying, "We're really close friends. ... I don't know about the dating part." He then added, "She's such a sweetheart. We've grown so close. It's a special relationship we have."

2. Will Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler return? Lopez has already commented that it's too early to tell, but Tyler is signed to a multi-year contract. And if his comments after last night's show are any indicator, he's lobbying for Lopez to return to her judges chair. "We both weren't sure," he said of his and Lopez's addition to the panel this year. "Randy knew, but we didn't know. I think we got it. I think we're a great team." 

3. Why wasn't last year's winner Lee DeWyze there to present McCreery with his trophy? Bucking the tradition of the previous title holder personally passing along the Idol 'crown', producers didn't have Season 9's DeWyze onstage. While no comment was released by Fox on the change-up, the singer answered the question for fans. "Hey guys, no I'm not performing at the Finale. I wasn't asked to," he tweeted earlier. But, DeWyze did attend the first night of the two-part finale. 

4. Why did the audience sing along during certain songs? They were asked to! Lyrics to Tom Jones' "Delilah" were played on screens throughout the theater for audience members who were instructed to sing along. They were also asked to do so during Bono, The Edge and Reeve Carney's performance of one of the song's from Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.


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