"American Idol': Saving Casey Abrams Divides Fans

Michael Becker/FOX

American Idol fans still can't stop chatting about Thursday's wild results show.

Casey Abrams was voted off by fans Thursday - but judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez used their one and only save to stop him from leaving.
"Still trying to recover from American Idol last night...wow!" fan Franc Aledia Tweeted.
Kathi Cordsen said her "faith in the judges has been restored."
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Added viewer Camilla Evani: "Casey abrams saved! thanks to judges, america is so wrong man, you cant decide which one is a good singer."
Another said, "I'm glad Casey Abrams was saved by the judges. He deserves it. <3"
Former Idol singer Crystal Bowersox echoed the praise: "Really? Casey Abrams? After my voting frenzy? Glad Randy Jen, and Tyler know a good thing when they hear it..." she Tweeted.
Fans also sounded off on MTV.com. One viewer noted, "The people in America should recognize when they have tremendous artists like Casey and don't vote them out just like that. The judges [were] completely right, CASEY deserves to be there, he is a unique [and] talented artist. CASEY YOU ROCK!!!!!"
Another weighed in: "I'm glad the judges used their save on Casey. The save is meant to keep a flub-up happening such as someone going home too early, and the only other person I would want to save is James [Durbin] (maybe Jacob [Lusk]). It's a good reminder for America to vote for their favorites, whether you think they are safe or not. Casey is a little bit unsteady — he is clearly very musical and fun and creative. He needs to use all of that to show us how he could entertain us in the big world, not in his backyard show."
But not everyone is singing praises about Abrams' save. 
"Still mad that casey didn't get voted off last night" said viewer Lee K.
Idol viewer Ryan Miner Tweeted, "I just watched the video of Casey Abrams getting saved on American idol. After that weird act, I now want him voted off."
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One fan also asked, "Would Simon Cowell have saved Casey Abrams if he were still a judge? I kinda doubt it."
Abrams also seemed surprised to still be on the show.
After learning the judges saved him, the stunned singer replied, "Are you kidding? Are you kidding?"