Bradley Cooper Laughs at 'American Sniper' Fake Baby During 'Ellen' Interview: "Couldn't Believe It"

Courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Bradley Cooper

The actor says he joked to the crew, in character as Chris Kyle, "I'm gonna save y'all a hundred thousand dollars [on CGI]" by wiggling his thumb to move the baby's arm.

If you're one of the many people who noticed and laughed at the fake baby in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper, you're not alone.

Star Bradley Cooper still thinks it's hilarious that they used "a plastic baby," as he described it, on the Oscar-winning film.

Cooper laughed, hysterically at times, as he recalled the experience of working with the doll on Monday's Ellen.

Host Ellen DeGeneres brought up the controversy by explaining that she talked to Cooper's American Sniper co-star Sienna Miller, who also appears with him in the upcoming Burnt, about the fake baby when Miller was on Ellen last Tuesday.

DeGeneres said that Miller indicated Eastwood "didn't want a real baby because they're not predictable, and you'd save time [with a doll]."

She then played a clip of that appearance, in which Miller also laughs as she watches footage from the scene of Cooper as Chris Kyle cradling his daughter, in which many moviegoers noticed that a doll was used instead of a real baby.

"Watch him wiggle the arm. Look, to try and make it look like a live baby, he does a wiggle with the arm," Miller said, pointing out when Cooper moved his thumb to get the baby's arm to move.

Seeing that, Cooper collapsed back into his chair laughing and started applauding: "I love it. It's true."

Cooper added that he "couldn't believe that we were working with a plastic baby ... I was just like, this is nuts."

He said that he joked to the crew, as Chris Kyle, before he used his thumb to move the arm, "I'm gonna save y'all a hundred thousand dollars."

"You know you have to CGI the hand movements?" he said. "I was like, 'Watch this. Eat your heart out, Muppets.' "

Later Cooper added, "I mean you're with a plastic baby. The suspension of disbelief is massive."

Watch him laugh about the fake baby and show off his Eastwood impression in the video below.

In her appearance, Miller said that the "animatronic" doll "looked like something from Alien."

She explains that it was supposed to move, but for some reason Cooper was the one trying to get it to look lifelike.

"It was actually really well made," Miller said. "And there was a guy with a remote that could move it, but maybe it just didn't work on that day."