'American Ultra': Kristen Stewart's 5 Funniest Stoner Moments

'American Ultra'

The actress plays Phoebe, whose advice in the film includes reminding her boyfriend (Jesse Eisenberg) not to hand weapons to his enemies.

Kristen Stewart is a slacker who finds herself in the middle of a lot of gun battles in American Ultra.

The role in the action-comedy film is a bit of a departure for the actress, who's known for Twilight and indies like Still Alice. In American Ultra, she plays marijuana fan Phoebe, whose life changes dramatically when her boyfriend Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) proves to have unexplained fighting prowess against his many assailants.

Here are five of Stewart's funniest lines in the film. 

Deep breaths

Mike appears to be a little confused about how one of his victims died, as Mike explains that the guy's lungs exploded after he was stabbed in the neck. "Your lungs aren't in your neck — they're in your chest," Phoebe offers.

She knows a human when she sees one

When Mike's special abilities lead him to suspect that he's not human, Phoebe is quick to assure him otherwise: "Mike, you are not a robot."

She provides medical analysis

After a tense battle, Mike tells Phoebe, "I think I'm in anaphylactic shock," but Phoebe isn't so sure. "That's not what that's called," she informs him. 

Questioning Mike's common sense

Phoebe isn't impressed when Mike notifies his opponent in a jail fight about a nearby weapon. "If the guy in the cell thing doesn't see the gun, don't point at it and go, 'Gun,'" Phoebe advises.

She's out of here

Mike is taken aback when he sees Phoebe climbing out of his friend's basement, where they're trapped. "Babe, I'm not going to sit around and wait on the judgment of your drug dealer," she explains. 

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