AMPAS names Academy Film Scholars

Three decades of Fox, Slavko Vorkapic are the study topics

Anne Friedberg, who will study montage expert Slavko Vorkapic, and Peter Lev, who will examine 20th Century Fox from 1935-65, have been selected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the ninth pair of Academy Film Scholars.

Each will receive $25,000 from the Academy's Institutional Grants Committee to aid in the research and writing of their respective projects.

Friedberg, the chair of the Critical Studies Division in USC's School of Cinematic Arts, will explore the life and work of Vorkapic, known throughout his career as Hollywood's resident montage expert. Her book "Montage in Hollywood: The Cinematics of Slavko Vorkapic" will examine Vorkapic's filmography as a special effects cinematographer and montage sequence unit director as well as how his work has influenced subsequent generations of film writers, directors and editors.

Lev, a professor of electronic media and film at Towson University in Maryland, will examine Fox during the three-decade period the studio was helmed by Darryl Zanuck and Spyros Skouras. His book "Twentieth Century Fox: The Zanuck-Skouras Years" will focus on the studio's Los Angeles-based production business and the New York-based distribution and exhibition business as well as the executives who ran them. It will also examine the contributions of the artists behind many of Fox's successes including John Ford, Elia Kazan, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe and Gregory Peck.

The new Academy Film Scholars will receive the first half of their $25,000 grant at a luncheon this April. The remaining half will be presented upon completion of the manuscripts, when Friedberg and Lev will present their projects in lecture form at a public Academy event.
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