AMPAS tells campaigners to clean up act


As campaigns for the 80th Annual Academy Awards begin to gear up, the board of governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made some minor changes in its rules regulating Oscar campaigning to encourage reduced mailings to voters.

The Academy is requesting that companies consolidate multiple mailings into a single mailing whenever possible or use e-mail instead.

"We have been troubled in the past by the vast amount of surface mail that film companies generate in connection with their campaigns," Academy president Sid Ganis said. "While we very much want our members to continue to take advantage of the many scheduled screenings, we hope this change in the regulations will encourage companies to be more thoughtful and conservation-minded when they disseminate their screening information."

Companies also are being asked whenever possible to allow members to opt out of receiving any or all mailings.

In the case of screenplays, which companies are permitted to send to Academy members, the new rules permit companies to place downloadable versions on a Web site for Academy members to access.

In the case of the music categories, the Academy no longer will allow recordings, sheet music and music videos to be sent to its members.

The Academy can issue penalties to anyone who violates the regulations.