Amsterdam to honor Tim Burton


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands -- Director Tim Burton will receive a career achievement award at the 24th edition of the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, organizers announced Thursday.

The AFFF, which opens with the long-awaited "The Fall" by Tarsem Singh ("The Cell"), runs April 9-20.

Newly appointed director Phil van Tongeren is delighted to welcome Burton at his festival. "I consider him as one of the most remarkable, recognizable and innovative directors of our time," he said. During his stay in Amsterdam, Burton will give a public interview on his career and a selection of his films will be presented.

Previous honorees include: Terry Gilliam (2007), Roger Corman (2006), Paul Naschy (2005), Ray Harryhausen (2004), Lloyd Kaufman (2003), Paul Verhoeven (2002), Dario Argento (2001) and Wes Craven (2001).

The AFFF focuses this year mainly on U.S. Independents, young directors who choose their own way, far from Hollywood. In this section the festival will screen the $20,000 production "Return in Red" (Tyler Tharpe), "Wristcutters: A Love Story" (Goran Dukic), "One Day Like Rain" (Paul Todisco), "The Man From Earth" (Richard Schenkman), the trilogy "The Signal" (David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry) and Sean Meredith's "Dante's Inferno," in which the characters are represented by cut-out figures.