Amy Adams: 'Arrival' "Is a Mom Telling the Story of Her Life" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

"How we relate to one another, that was the theme in the film that kind of surprised me."

"He is so wonderfully compassionate to actors on set, which is not always the case," Amy Adams told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actress Oscar Roundtable of her Arrival director Denis Villeneuve. "He created this very calm environment in which to allow us to have these silent moments full of breath, and full of awe, and full of wonder, and full of confusion, and conflict. His direction never felt condescending in any way."

is quite literally me.""]

The five-time Oscar nominated actress (American Hustle, The Master, The Fighter, Doubt, Junebug) went on to share her struggle with stage fright saying, "I used to have it with the camera, but with stage I didn't realize how bad it was until I was doing Into the Woods in Central Park. There were times when I thought I literally would not be able to walk on stage." The worst stage fright she ever had? "Singing alone at the Oscars."

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