Amy Adams Lets Her Face Do the Acting in "Eyebrow Theater" With Stephen Colbert

Amy Adams Eyebrow Theater — H 2016

What if all of the people on 'Game of Thrones' are robots?

Stephen Colbert and Amy Adams played a game of eyebrow theater on Thursday's The Late Show.

They took turns reading out the other person's internal monologue as their partner acted it out using facial expressions.

Colbert had a great facial reaction to the prompt that everyone on Westworld is a robot and that possibly everybody on Game of Thrones is, as well.

Adams kept it subtle while pretending she didn't remember somebody's name and was more aggressively expressive for "The next person who tells me flammable and inflammable mean the same thing is going to find out if they are."

Before the game, Adams and Colbert bonded over having large families — Adams is one of seven and Colbert is one of 11 children. They talked about the fight for seconds at the dinner table, something that has stuck with Adams so much she gets protective over her portion of the food when splitting a meal with her husband.

"If he reaches over, it's like he's really violated some pact," she said, laughing. Adams said that she put her husband to the test when, after only two weeks of dating, she brought him to her sister's wedding. "He survived in a wonderful way," said Adams.

The Nocturnal Animals actress also revealed she used to have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio when he was in Growing Pains.