Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon Play Singing Whisper Challenge on 'Tonight Show'


The 'Arrival' star and Fallon giggled their way through trying to guess various song lyrics.

Amy Adams, star of the just-released sci-fi film Arrival and soon-to-be-released thriller Nocturnal Animals, took time out of her busy schedule to make an appearance on Thursday's Tonight Show, where she and host Jimmy Fallon played a music-influenced version of his whisper challenge game called the "Singing Whisper Challenge."

The game, in which one person must wear headphones with loud music blaring while another reads the lyrics of a well-known song, had the actress struggling to read lips as Fallon belted out the chorus from Survivor's 1982 pump-up classic, "Eye of the Tiger."

"Something for fashion?" Adams guessed, laughing.

It only took the star two attempts to catch on, however, as she nailed the answer on her second attempt — although a few catlike hand gestures from Fallon almost certainly helped. 

Next up was the host's turn to don the headphones. Keeping with the '80s theme, Adams drew lyrics from The Bangles' 1986 hit "Walk Like an Egyptian."

Fallon furrowed his brow and guessed, "Rolling like a chick machine?" Near miss. Second guess, with a bit more confidence: "One day, chick machine."

Once again, a little bit of hand movement went a long way, as Adams pulled out the iconic Egyptian walk dance made famous by the song. Fallon was quick to catch on. 

Last up, it was Adams' turn to guess once again. Fallon drew Boyz II Men's 1994 soul jam "I'll Make Love to You," which had him — and the crowd — in hysterics before the game even began.

Adams was close right off the bat. "Nothing but love will do?" She ventured. This time, however, she didn't need any help from Fallon's gesticulations and was spot-on in her second guess.

Watch the video below.