Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette Condemn Jennifer Lawrence Photo Leaks

Arquette calls the hackers and those who blame the victims "deviant"

Patricia Arquette and Amy Adams have strong opinions about those who hacked the private photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other actresses.

Arquette says there's "nothing deviant" about sexual intimacy — and that extends to taking private photos. 

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"What is deviant is when a community decides that they can break into your sexuality, steal that from you, insert themselves, observe your private sexuality," she says. "That society thinks it's OK [to hack the photos], that it's their fault — that's deviant. That's what we're teaching our kids, that if somebody messes up or does what they want in their private life, they're stupid and you can, basically, communally molest them."

Adams also has plenty to say on the subject, noting that this issue is something she and other actresses didn't have to think about when they entered the business.

"The world was so different when we made our choices to come into the industry, so what's happening now," she says, "this is something that is completely new to everybody."

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