Amy Pascal, Clint Culpepper and Kevin Hart Reunite at 'Wedding Ringer' Premiere

The Wedding Ringer Premiere - H 2014
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The Wedding Ringer Premiere - H 2014

Though Hart was criticized in leaked Sony emails, all was put aside for the Screen Gems premiere

Kevin Hart, Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal and Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper were all smiles amid the Sony hack trauma as they reunited on the red carpet for Screen Gems' The Wedding Ringer premiere Tuesday night at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

A series of Sony hacked email leaks revealed late last year that Culpepper called Hart a “whore” in an email to Pascal and Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton for wanting additional money for promoting his films on his social media accounts.

At the premiere, Hart insisted that he and Culpepper now stand on good terms.

“He’s here and he just hugged me,” Hart told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s good. Everything is fine.”

With Hart gearing up for the upcoming releases of films including Ride Along 2 and Get Hard, he feels one of the key goals to succeeding in the industry is simply setting goals and checking them off. Hart is now focusing on being an international star.

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“The same time that I spend here in the U.S. I need to now spend all over the [world]," said Hart. "At the end of the day I’m a multicultural entertainer. I appeal to everyone. I want everyone to love my content. That’s the next goal I’m checking off my list.”

In The Wedding Ringer, Doug (Josh Gad) requests the services of a best-man-for-hire (Hart) when he is in desperate need of groomsmen for his wedding. Gad's character learns many life lessons from Hart onscreen, but working with the comedian taught him how to navigate the entertainment industry as well.

“What Kevin does brilliantly is make you feel lazy about yourself because he’s so committed to working," Gad told THR. "He’s so committed to making himself the best possible version of himself that he really never rests. He never stops, and that to me was the most impressive thing.”

Director Jeremy Garelick also expressed that the power of perseverance in the industry is the No. 1 lesson he took away from working on the film.

“We wrote this screenplay 14 years ago and we were very close to making it several times and it fell apart several times, but we never quit,” Garelick said. "A group of people willed this to get done and we finally got to make it with Kevin and Josh and Kaley [Cuoco] and it’s amazing.”

Garelick also dished the ending of the film leaves the opportunity to release a sequel.

"We might set it up," said Garelick. "It depends on how we do."

After the premiere, the stars headed to Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails for a reception where they were joined by Marlon and Damien Dante Wayans, Damon Wayans Jr., Cedric the Entertainer, Kid Cudi and Terrence Jenkins, among others.

The Wedding Ringer hits theaters on Jan. 16.