Amy Pascal on Whether 'Interview' Success Saves Her Job: "I Hope So"

Amy Pascal - H 2014
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Amy Pascal - H 2014

The Seth Rogen comedy has nabbed $15 million from online streaming

Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal may have extra incentive for wanting the Seth Rogen comedy The Interview to do well. 

Pascal was interviewed Saturday outside of Los Angeles International airport by TMZ, where she was asked whether the comedy's success would be enough to save her job. 

"I hope so," Pascal replied. 

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The reporter continued asking Pascal questions, and the exec made it clear she was irritated by the grilling. "Everything is great,” Pascal said, adding: "Ah, you guys, I just got off a plane."

The Interview has earned $15 million since being released to streaming sites Wednesday and has been rented or purchased over 2 million times, quickly becoming Sony's biggest online film ever. The film, also screening in select theaters, centers on Rogen and James Franco's characters heading to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong Un

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Even with a big online haul, The Interview will presumably earn far less than it would have with a wide theatrical release.

Pascal has been in hot water in recent weeks after hackers leaked her unflattering emails online, which included insensitive jokes about Obama and insults about such stars as Angelina Jolie. Some industry analysts have speculated that she might be fired once the scandal dies down.

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