Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph Celebrate Messy Female Friendship in 'Wine Country' Trailer

Based on a real trip that included a 50th birthday celebration, Poehler was inspired to create a film from her experience.

The first trailer for the Netflix comedy Wine Country dropped Thursday, with the theme of friendship taking center stage. Directed by Amy Poehler, the film follows a group of friends celebrating a 50th birthday in the Napa Valley. 

Opening with a visual of a vineyard and plenty of wine-pouring, Maya Rudolph announces to her pals, "I want to sing a little ditty for my very short friend Rebecca, who is turning 22 tomorrow, wink-wink. I'm gonna give you something you ain't never had before." She lies down on top of a piano and sings before falling onto the floor and picking herself back up again. 

Rounding out the cast are longtime collaborators Poehler, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch, with Jason Schwartzman, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Erskine, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey and Cherry Jones also featured. Considering her birthday, Dratch's character declares in the trailer, "I just want this to feel like a regular vacation, and somewhere in there I'll just slide into 50." The film goes on to explore the idea that "age is just a number," with the friends vowing to get the most out of their adventure. 

As the weekend continues, Fey is brutally honest with her friends: "Whatever gets said is probably what the person has always felt, and the alcohol just lets it out." Says Poehler's character, as bonds are tested, "These women, I've known for 20-plus years, and yeah, sometimes I want to tell them to fuck off — that's what intimacy looks like."

The screenplay for Wine Country was written by actress Spivey and Liz Cackowski — who also appears on screen — when Poehler was inspired to create a film from her experience on a real trip for a 50th birthday celebration. Speaking about the project, Dratch told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, "In real life, the trip to Napa and Sonoma County went according to plan, but in the movie, things go bonkers. We exaggerated some of the Northern California characters and occurrences, none of which I am permitted to share at this time!"

The tagline for Wine Country is "friendship is a trip." The film hits Netflix on May 10.