Watch Amy Poehler Sing Bette Midler's 'The Rose' With Jack Black

Amy Poehler Festival Supreme H - 2015

The comedian gave a surprise performance during Tenacious D's third annual Festival Supreme on Saturday.

Amy Poehler was on the comedy lineup at Tenacious D’s third annual Festival Supreme in Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 10  and she surprised the crowd with a second appearance that night. The SNL vet joined Jack Black onstage for a performance of Bette Midler's "The Rose."

Poehler, wearing sunglasses and dressed in a very bohemian getup, took lead on vocals and was soon accompanied by Black.

Though her performance was unexpected, she’s been open about her admiration for Midler in the past. According to Vulture, she gave this very enthusiastic speech at New York Restoration Project’s 13th Annual Spring Picnic last year:

"So I first met Bette Midler in my head when I watched the film The Rose in 1979. And since then, her and I have been best friends, in my head," Poehler said. "In my head, she and I travel together, we have cut an album, and we pranked George Clooney. She's the godmother to the children of mine that she has never met, and once, Bette turned to me in a dream and said, 'Amy, you are the most talented person I've ever met. I hate to say this, this kills me, but you're more talented than me. God bless you and I release you to God,' and then she turned into a million doves and flew away."

Watch her rousing cover of "The Rose" below.

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