Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon Play "Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?"

Poehler's love of an extra slice of pizza helped her with one of her answers.

On Tuesday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the late-night host paid tribute to Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization by inviting the actress to compete against him in a game of "Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?"

The contest involved Fallon and Poehler each partnering up with a young girl to answer questions about math, science, geography and grammar.

Before the game got underway, Fallon's partner Maya showed off her French rap skills, rapping a song from Hamilton, while Poehler's partner Anaya displayed her talent for making purses out of duct tape.

As the competition began, Poehler started off by choosing math. She was asked, "If you have nine pizzas and then cut each pizza into eight slices, how many slices do you have?" Poehler confidently said, "73 slices," before immediately doubting her answer.

"No. No!" she said. Anaya whispered the correct answer of 72 to Poehler, who then said, "That's what I meant [by] 73 — after I buy an extra slice."

Fallon similarly struggled with his question, in which he had to determine the preposition in a sentence. Maya tried to shake her head to help him guess the correct answer, and while he eventually chose it, it took a lot of stalling on his part.

The game continued with coaxing from Anaya and Maya until the final question about the number of bones in a human body. Watch below.