Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Revive "Really!?!" Segment to Criticize Mitch McConnell

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers on Late Night - Publicity - H 2020

The former 'SNL' duo brought back their "Weekend Update" bit to criticize McConnell's statement that the Trump administration was too focused on the impeachment to properly respond to the coronavirus threat.

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers revived their "Really!?!" segment on Thursday's episode of Meyers' Late Night to criticize Mitch McConnell for stating that the Trump administration was too distracted by the impeachment hearings to properly address the coronavirus pandemic.

The two used to perform the bit on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," while Meyers still does the segment on his NBC late-night show. 

Meyers opened the bit by explaining that Senate Majority Leader McConnell recently gave an interview in which he "claimed that the Trump administration was too distracted by the impeachment hearings to properly respond to the coronavirus threat."

Poehler then joined him via video chat, she asked, "Really, Mitch McConnell? You haunted corncob doll. The impeachment trial was too distracting?" Said Meyers, "You realize that trial ended back on Feb. 5 and your boy was still out here calling the virus a hoax until about a week and a half ago."

Poehler then added: "Really? Yeah. Mitch, you think your boy Trump was too distracted to think about the coronavirus? He was on trial for selling the country down the river and he was still out there holding rallies and playing more golf than a San Diego dentist. He's a multitasker. He's a New Yorker. Back in the day, he could bankrupt three companies in the afternoon and still have the energy to yell at his housekeeper when she set his Tic Tacs out wrong."

Poehler added that Trump is "a self-proclaimed genius who can hold many complex thoughts in his head at the same time."

After calling McConnell an "Albino river toad," Meyers said that he only supports the president because "having Trump in charge is like having a hungover substitute teacher." The host continued, "You get to buck the system, break every rule and steal everything you can and there's no one to answer to because he fell asleep the second he hit play on the VCR."

Poehler continued: "By the way, Mitch, when Trump heard about your little comment, he said quote, 'I don't think I would have done any better had I not been impeached.' Even Trump does not buy your dumb argument."

She concluded the segment by stating, "This has been another segment of 'The World Feels Like It's Ending and No One Is in Charge.'" Meyers corrected her to say the segment is called "Really!?!" and they shared a virtual high-five.

During her call-in with her former co-star, Poehler also spoke how she, like many parents across the nation, is struggling to balance working from home while teaching her kids.

"I find it fascinating that we found yet another way to shame working mothers right now and working fathers," she said. "It is amazing that on top of everything else, I'm also supposed to be working full-time and also creating all these exciting, educational adventures for my kids."

She added that she is sick of seeing posts on social media with suggestions of how to creatively teach your kids at home. "It's like, 'No, I have the ideas. I don't have the time,'" she said. "I don't have the time or the willingness for my children to do the ideas."

Meyers noted that he doesn't have the proper supplies to make crafts and doesn't want to go out to buy them. "You can't buy those things. Those things are gone," responded Poehler. "Can you imagine right now if you were hustling and bustling to go out to buy construction paper?"

In order to ensure that her kids are still learning, Poehler said she has begun teaching them the sign language alphabet. "A lot of working parents out there are maybe going through this, which is my kids aren't learning anything," she said. "I will say the two things I didn't think were gonna go away were touching and school. I thought those things would still be around.

"Cause school is gone now and they're doing their online learning, I'm just stressed that they're not learning anything, so I'm like, 'You're gonna learn one thing,'" she continued.

Poehler explained that they have learned the alphabet up to the letter M so far. "I make them do it every day to me. And that's it," said Poehler. "I'm hoping they'll get into college."