Amy Schumer Apologizes to Fans After Maine Stand-Up Set: "Rookie Mistake"

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One audience member has reportedly asked for a refund on the $80 ticket price.

Amy Schumer is apologizing to fans who feel shortchanged by the brevity of a stand-up comedy show she did in Maine.

The comedian says she did a 47-minute set that was rushed on Saturday evening because of the need to accommodate a second show at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. But some audience members say the set ran only 35 to 40 minutes, and they were upset to learn the second show ran an hour.

Schumer has a popular sketch series on Comedy Central and starred in the movie Trainwreck. She told WCSH-TV the brief stand-up show was a "rookie mistake."

Richard Machlin told the Portland Press Herald he wouldn't have paid $80 for a 35-minute show. He asked for a refund on Monday. Arena management has promised to get back to him.

Schumer's tweet about the show is below.

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