Amy Schumer's Boyfriend's Mom Took "No Comment" Instruction "Too Far"

Schumer jokes that her boyfriend's mother reminds of her of the girls on 'The Bachelor.'

On Tuesday's Tonight Show, Amy Schumer talked to Jimmy Fallon about the media frenzy over her relationship with boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

She said the couple met and fell in love and it became "viral internet news."

"It's because he's really cute and I think people were like 'What? He has all his teeth?' " joked Schumer. "People were shocked."

Schumer continued, saying she met Hanisch's family in Illinois and warned them that journalists were going to call them and show up at their house to learn more about the couple's relationship.

"His mom's like the most excited person you'll ever meet in your life," said Schumer. "Her name's Deb and she's like the girls, you know, the girls in The Bachelor, they walk into a hotel room and they act like they've never seen one before. 'Ahh! A couch!' "

Schumer said she explained to Deb that she just needed to tell journalists "no comment." She then mimicked Deb's Illinois accent, sounding a bit like Sarah Palin. "Oh I got it Ame, don't you worry — no comment, not a problem," Schumer said, impersonating Deb.

Then, Schumer recounted, "not even ten minutes later I get a Google alert [from an article in] Time magazine, that Deb was like 'I've never heard about her before in my life.' "

"Too far, Deb, Took it too far," said Schumer, laughing. "She's so sweet."