Amy Schumer Learns How to Smile Better With the Help of an Expert

Amy Schumer Smile — H 2015
Comedy Central

"You're going to meet my smile guy, David."

Amy Schumer's smile is holding her back from achieving popularity in Hollywood in a new sketch for Inside Amy Schumer.

Her friend tells her that she can help her fix this "glaring flaw" by introducing her to her "smile guy," David.

"He's worked with all of the top smiles," she tells Schumer. "Julia Roberts, Swank, Bening." 

The comedian visits the smile consultant, who asks her to please show off her teeth, then repeatedly makes her keep trying new, awkward smiles until she gets it right. "Cock your head and let that lead you into the smile," says David, who seems a bit smile-challenged himself. "No. Again."

Watch Schumer finally learn how to change her smile. It's, um, perfect.