Amy Schumer Dances With Madonna in Concert, Talks Women in Hollywood During Opening Set

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Amy Schumer

The comedian announced her own upcoming MSG solo gig and twerked for the headliner toward the end of the show.

Amy Schumer received a standing ovation upon opening for Madonna at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, and also danced with the headliner during the performance of the song, "Unapologetic Bitch."

Schumer — who will also open Thursday for Madonna at MSG and Saturday at the Barclays Center, as part of the Rebel Heart Tour — was pleasantly surprised when first hitting the stage. "What am I doing here? I thought nobody would be here! This is awesome!" she shouted. "You guys, I'm opening for motherf—ing Madonna right now! This is the best, this is the shit!"

During her nearly 40-minute set — filled with childhood anecdotes, a story about her 18-month-old niece, a retelling of her prank on Katie Couric at the Glamour Awards and some of her top-performing sex jokes— Schumer garnered cheers for Trainwreck — "Very proud of it, didn't make a lot of money, but very proud" — and she noted how, as she promoted her summer film often, the press often asked her the same question: " 'Isn't it an exciting time for women in Hollywood?' First of all, I’m from New York, I’ve lived here my whole life. I've been in one movie, and I don't feel like a woman in Hollywood, but I think I can speak for them when I say no."

"In Hollywood, why would it be exciting?" she continued before noting how Devin Fabry, a young actress who says her cheeks make it difficult to land gigs, was thankful to play a 9-year-old version of Schumer in Trainwreck. "In an industry that judges you solely based on your appearance when you know that every day you’re just decomposing, barreling toward death while smaller, younger starlets are popping out? ... No. It’s not an exciting time for women in Hollywood."

Just before she left the stage, Schumer announced that she would play MSG solo on June 23, 2016, marking her first headlining gig at the arena that is seen as a benchmark for stand-up comedy success. "Best feeling I’ve ever had," she told the audience, who gave her a standing ovation.

That "best feeling" might have been topped later in the evening for Schumer, who was brought onstage by Madonna to dance during the Rebel Heart song "Unapologetic Bitch." After Madonna lifted Schumer’s dress to show the audience her underwear, the two walked the length of the stage so the comedian could dance for the headliner — and be part of a little prank.

Watch the video below.

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