Amy Schumer Discusses Her Friendship with Jennifer Lawrence: “I Am Such a Fan of Hers”

Jennifer Lawrence Amy Schumer Split - H 2015
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Jennifer Lawrence Amy Schumer Split - H 2015

The two actresses are now collaborating on a movie together.

In a recent episode of Scott Fienberg’s Awards Chatter podcast, Schumer was excited to discuss her friendship with Jennifer Lawrence.

Schumer had been a fan of Lawrence’s before they even met.

“My sister and I are crazy Hunger Games fans … we just loved her, like everyone else,” said Schumer.

It turns out Lawrence was a fan of Schumer’s as well. After seeing Trainwreck the actress sent an email to Schumer about making a movie together.

Schumer was quick to start on a script, “I sent her like six or seven scenes and was like, ‘Here’s what I’m thinking.’ ”

Shortly after, the two started socializing together more, becoming fast friends.

“We don't need each other in terms of work, but it does feel like we need each other in terms of our friendship,” revealed Schumer.

"There are just some things I feel like we really understand about each other. I believe people come into each other's lives when they need them, and Jen and I just kind of like clung to each other, like this is happening for a reason,” added Schumer.

While not much is set-in-stone about the movie so far, Schumer did reveal that the film is a comedy but “in the way that Trainwreck had some heaviness to it.”

“It is hilarious — I feel comfortable saying that,” said Schumer, “It's not connected to any studio or any director or anything — right now, it's still just the three of us girls and our friends and people in the industry who've read it to give us notes. But it's exciting."

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