Amy Schumer Explains Why She's Been "Protective" About Her 'Trainwreck' Character

"Knowing people are so quick to dismiss as a woman as, 'Okay, so she’s a slut,' I was really careful," the actress says.

Writer and actress Amy Schumer discussed her film, Trainwreck, for which she has earned a Golden Globe nomination for best performance by a female in a comedy, during The Hollywood Reporter's Writer Roundtable.

She lamented writing a script that was so close to her personally saying, "Then you have to talk about, 'How true is this?' And you’re just like, 'Who cares?' "

"The nature of my movie ... they’re just like, ‘How many dicks have you seen?' said Schumer. "Like how many dicks have been dangling in front of you?' " Schumer has been vocal about how disheartening it is to be labeled a "sex-comic" as she sees no difference in the way she talks about sex in her work compared to her male counterparts.

"I was very protective of the character I was playing. It was sort of me, if I had been suspended in [the time when] I was sort of sophomore year of college with sleeping around and drinking a lot, and I think knowing people are so quick to dismiss as a woman as, 'Okay, so she’s a slut,' so I was really careful with her."

Although Schumer is best known for her performances, she writes all of her own work, including her Emmy-winning Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer. "I love writing," she says, claiming, "I’m an introvert." She says writing is, "such an escape. It’s time well spent." 

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