Amy Schumer Leaves $1,000 Tip for 'Hamilton' Bartenders

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Amy Schumer

"I've been there. I get it."

Amy Schumer paid generous tribute to the "ten-dollar founding father" when she saw Hamilton.

While grabbing drinks at the bar during Saturday's performance, the actress surprised the theater's bartenders with a $1,000 tip, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed.

"I was very touched — it was just something so generous and so kind that you don’t see every day," Madeleine DeJohn, a bartender and aspiring actor, told New York Daily News.

So why did Schumer do it? According to DeJohn, who thanked the Trainwreck star for her generosity, Schumer — a former bartender herself — said, "I've been there. I get it."

After the show, Schumer went backstage to meet the cast — as did the evening's other buzzy attendee, Wendell Pierce.

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Our name is Alexander Hamilton

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