Amy Schumer Shows the Royal Horrors of Being a Disney Princess

Amy Schumer Princess Sketch — H 2015

"You're not a disgusting filthy commoner at all, you're a princess."

Amy Schumer plays a "rancid peasant girl" turned princess in her latest Inside Amy Schumer sketch, and she shows fans the not-so-glamorous life of royalty.

At first, Schumer is living the Disney princess dream, singing about how she deserves a castle and could get used to this opulent life. Then her royal attache, played by Tim Gunn, introduces her to her future spouse because "of course every princess must marry a dashing prince."

As it turns out, the prince is less dashing and more creepy first cousin, and when Schumer's character tries to back out of incest sex she is told that she must maintain the purity of the royal bloodline. "Incubating a prince is literally your only role," says Gunn.

Just when it looks like things couldn't get worse, Schumer's head ends up on the chopping block and a peasant rebellion seals the deal.