Amy Schumer Talks MTV Movie Awards Hosting Gig: "I Know People Are Going to Be Mad"

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"I'm just going to do the best job I can do and have fun, believe it or not," Schumer said of hosting the awards Sunday night.

Comedian Amy Schumer will host the MTV Movie Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday night and is prepared for audiences to "be mad" with her hosting set.

The Comedy Central star, whose Inside Amy Schumer season three returns April 21, told a group of reporters gathered in Los Angeles on Tuesday that she admires Jon Stewart, Ricky Gervais and Seth MacFarlane's previous awards show hosting sets, but she isn't worried about comparisons or viewers being angry.

"I always think hosts do a good job, honestly. And then I'll hear, 'people are pissed,' " Schumer said. "I know people are going to be mad, they're going to be mad, and that's fine."

The 33-year-old New York native was unaware that she was in the running to host the awards show, and received the news from her publicist when she was hanging out with high school friends and fellow comedians after performing at Carnegie Hall. Though all eyes will be on Schumer as host for the evening, she is opting for a positive outlook rather than letting nerves settle in.

"I'm just going to do the best job I can do and have fun, believe it or not. I'm just like, 'Let's do it. It sounds like it's going to be fun,' " Schumer said. The comedian and her team have done numerous pretapes and the jokes she's written for her monologue have been tested on clubgoers. 

Schumer called former MTV Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari for advice, who told her to "feel the energy" of the room.

Kevin Hart, also a previous host, echoed Ansari's advice about working off the energy and life in the space. While attending celebrities needn't fear Schumer's jokes (she says it won't be roast-style and "there won't be any jokes about any recent deaths or people changing their gender"), Hart is one exception on her fair game list.

"He can totally take it. He's such a good sport," Schumer said of Hart, adding, "So I'm probably going to go after him pretty hard. And then everybody else, just little sprinklings that I think are funny."

In her rise to stardom as a recognizable face and name, Schumer says fans have approached her for photographs, but she still doesn't feel like a celebrity.

"Yeah, I'll be in the same room as them, but you'll never see me and [Jennifer Lawrence] at a Pinkberry. I love her, and I think she's super cool, but again, there's just a 'you're so famous.' It's just too hard to overcome," Schumer said. "I can be friends with really famous comedians. Other than that, I just feel very uncomfortable around people that famous. I feel like comics, I know you guys are garbage just like me. It just seems like too much pressure to be friends with somebody that famous."

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Despite her personal life being "not something that's happening," Schumer makes her family and sister, Kim, priorities in her life. Before each show, Schumer will hug her sister prior to taking the stage (if her sister isn't around, she will "hug whoever the stage manager is"). 

When it comes to meeting celebrities at Sunday night's show, Schumer is happy to observe from a distance: "I just like looking at celebrities — I don't like interacting with them because I want them to like me so much that it's not even fun."

Watch Schumer host the MTV Movie Awards on April 12 at 8 p.m. on MTV.