Amy Schumer's '12 Angry Men' Parody Questions Whether She's "Hot Enough" for TV

12 Angry Men Parody - H 2015

12 Angry Men Parody - H 2015

Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldblum, John Hawkes and more debate Schumer's attractiveness on a black and white episode of 'Inside Amy Schumer.'

Inside Amy Schumer pulled off another brilliant feminist sketch on Tuesday with a black and white parody of 12 Angry Men. Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldbum, John Hawkes, Vincent Kartheiser and more have a misogyny fest in the courtroom as the jurors debate whether Amy Schumer is hot enough for basic television.

Paul Giamatti angrily makes a "dildo-based argument," claiming that if Schumer were hot she wouldn't need a dildo. Besides, "women don't need orgasms, that's science," he says. Later he mourns, "Why can't we have Marilyn Monroe back?" before it is pointed out that Monroe is a size 8 and Schumer is a size 6.

“We’ve all at some point in our lives gotten a semi for a girl with a pillowy stomach or Muppet tits,” says John Hawkes. “And that’s all the system demands to acquit Amy. Does she give us a reasonable chub?”

After heated arguments about Schumer's physical features and "exploratory tugs", Judge Dennis Quaid tells the comedian the verdict on whether or not the jury are willing to "bang" her. See clips below:

Watch the full episode here.