Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' Inner Comedy Circle: A Who's Who Guide

Trainwreck Still 8 - H 2015
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Trainwreck Still 8 - H 2015

The comediennne surrounded herself with familiar faces for her film breakout. This is where you've seen them before ...

When you escape to your local overpriced theater this weekend to see Trainwreck (which you really should, by the way) you will be more than a little tempted to access the IMDb app on your iPhone to find out: Wait, who is that one guy? Where have I seen her before?

You won't be alone. Trainwreck writer and star (and indomitable reigning goddess of modern comedy) Amy Schumer has populated her feature-film debut with more than a few familiar faces from her inner circle of funny New York friends and Comedy Central colleagues. Here’s a handy guide to who’s who in Schumer and director Judd Apatow’s surprisingly moving rom-com about a woman named, conveniently, Amy, whose boozing ways land her in life’s scariest predicament of all: to love or not to love. (Shiver!)

(Note: There are numerous sports personalities and other miscellaneous notable cameos in the film not dissected below because you should be able to figure those out for yourself.)

Who: Colin Quinn

Trainwreck alter ego: Amy’s father, Gordon, whose multiple sclerosis lands him in an overpriced nursing home. The character is inspired by Schumer’s own father, Gordon.

Why you care: The comedian, Saturday Night Live veteran and actor on Apatow’s Girls (he plays against type as a mellow coffeehouse owner) also frequently stars in Inside Amy Schumer. This season he portrayed a Salem witch trial judge who offers Schumer and co-star Bridget Everett (see below) a "private" punishment for their sex crimes. 

Who: Mike Birbiglia

Trainwreck alter ego: Amy’s painfully generic but sweet brother-in-law, Tom.

Why you care: The comedian-storyteller and suddenly prolific actor (Orange Is the New Black, Hot Pursuit, The Fault in Our Stars, Girls, Sleepwalk With Me) has guested on Inside and was featured in the film’s recent Trainwreck comedy tour alongside costars Schumer, Apatow, Dave Attell and Vanessa Bayer.

Who: Dave Attell

Trainwreck alter ego: Homeless guy named Noam who resides outside Amy’s apartment and gives her a daily dose of shit (mostly figurative).

Why you care: The veteran comedian and Comedy Central mainstay (his hilarious show Insomniac ran from 2001 to 2004) guested on Inside in 2013 and also appeared in Apatow’s Funny People. And please don’t forget he hosted on a show on Showtime called Dave’s Old Porn.

Who: Bridget Everett

Trainwreck alter ego: Kat, a guest at Amy’s sister’s baby shower who makes fast friends with Amy after admitting she once allowed her husband and his brothers to “tag-team” her.

Why you care: A frequent Inside actor and favorite subject on Schumer’s Instagram feed (they went on vacation to Hawaii together this spring!), the buxom alt-cabaret comedienne scored her own segment on Inside this season where she delighted a club crowd with one of her signature moves: placing an audience member’s head inside her flowy blouse.

Who: Nikki Glaser

Trainwreck alter ego: Lisa, a prudish mother at the baby shower who thinks letting her kids watch Glee is dangerous.

Why you care: The busy stand-up comedienne and Inside actress (she was one of this season’s adorable '80s Ladies!) is another close pal of Schumer's (Hawaii!) who, like her, scored a finalist slot on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She’s also a regular on Comedy Central’s nightly nerdfest @midnight and appeared with Schumer in the 2013 comedy special Women Who Kill alongside Marina Franklin and Rachel Feinstein (see below!).

Who: Robert Kelly

Trainwreck alter egoOne-Night-Stand Guy (there are numerous).

Why you care: The Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll actor-comedian also plays Louis C.K.’s brother on Louie and appeared in Inside season three’s genius “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer” sketch. 

Who: Jim Florentine

Trainwreck alter egoOne-Night-Stand Guy (again, there are numerous).

Why you care: Speaking of Louie, the actor/stand-up comedian died amidst bizarre circumstances on the FX comedy this year. It’s too weird to explain here. He also killed on Californication (in a funny way).

Who: Jon Glaser

Trainwreck alter egoAmy’s pathetic co-worker at the magazine, Schultz.

Why you care: The Girls actor is also a writer and actor on Inside and worked with Schumer on the Adult Swim comedy he created, Delocated. Oh, and he’s been on Louie, too.

and I go, 'Look what happened,' and she's like, 'What do you mean, "What happened"? You did that?!' And I show [Stephen] Colbert, and he is on the floor laughing," the 'Trainwreck' star told Jimmy Fallon of her awards show joke."]

Who: Rachel Feinstein

Trainwreck alter egoA nurse named Rachel (sorry, that’s all I can remember).

Why you care: Schumer’s fellow Woman Who Kills is another '80s Lady from season three of Inside and has popped up in films like Chris Rock’s Top Five.

Who: Marina Franklin

Trainwreck alter egoWoman in Back of Theater (it’s not as dirty as it sounds).

Why you care: The fourth Woman Who Kills alongside Glaser, Schumer and Feinstein, Franklin appears in the new (and very funny) Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land and ... guess what? She's also logged a role on Louie.

Who: Other notable SNL castmembers past and present: Bill Hader (past), Vanessa Bayer (present), Leslie Jones (present) and Pete Davidson (present).

Trainwreck alter egos: Hader and Bayer are Amy’s boyfriend and co-worker (respectively), while Jones is a cranky woman on the subway and Davidson is a stoned kid whom Hader’s doctor-character treats.

Why you care: We love them all, obviously, but perhaps the most notable factoid here is that young Davidson landed his SNL gig because Hader raved about working with him on Trainwreck to Lorne Michaels. Nice, right?