Amy Winehouse Booed at Concert in Serbia (Video)

The singer appeared “too drunk” to perform and left her backup singers to perform the majority of her songs.


Amy Winehouse kicked off her European tour Saturday night in Belgrade, Serbia, and almost immediately it appeared that the singer was too inebriated to perform.

Winehouse, 27, has publicly battled her drug and alcohol addiction for years, as the five-time Grammy winner has checked in and out of rehab several times in the past few years. Her latest stint was less than a month ago at London’s Priory Clinic, where she stayed for one week. 

In several fan videos posted to YouTube, loud boos can be heard from the 20,000-person crowd at Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade, some switching their chants from “Amy” to “Sh-amy” whenever Winehouse wobbles away from the microphone.

According to BBC correspondent Mark Lowen, who was at the Belgrade concert, Winehouse left the stage several times during the 90-minute show. 

In addition to slurring her song lyrics, the singer also sat down in the middle of a song, threw off one of her ballet flats while losing her balance, and threw her microphone to the floor during one song. Her backup singers, Zalon Thompson and Ade Omotayo, attempted to fill in for her and were trying to keep the crowd’s spirits up.

BBC reports that the hotels hosting Winehouse on her European tour have been given strict instructions to remove all alcohol from her rooms.  Her camp has not yet released a statement.

Winehouse has just arrived in Istanbul, where she will be performing the second leg of her 12-step tour Monday night.