Amy Winehouse Doc Used to Rehabilitate Drug Users in Thailand

Courtesy of A24 Films

Asif Kapadia's film about the troubled and ultimately doomed singer is being screened to young offenders in Bangkok.

Critically acclaimed documentary Amy is being used by Thai authorities to warn young people about the dangers of drug abuse, reported The Guardian.

Asif Kapadia’s film about Amy Winehouse, the award-winning and best-selling British singer who succumbed to a life of excess at the age of 27, is being screened to boys convicted of serious crimes, often drug-related, at a juvenile-detention center in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the Stop Drink Network hope that the documentary will convince the young offenders to steer clear of drugs. “I think Amy’s story is a real story that reflects real problems in society, especially among teenagers,” Kamron Chudecha of the Stop Drink Network told the AP.

He added: “When Amy felt too much pressure, she acted out and started drinking, but she was gifted, and she found that gift. It’s not too late for the students to find their gifts and learn from her mistakes. … Amy lost the battle, but these kids still have a chance.”

Amy, which has become one of the biggest documentaries of 2015, has refocused attention on the singer who died in 2011. Her music has re-entered the charts, and the ensuing controversy from the documentary has sparked a rival project from Winehouse's family with her father, Mitch, vowing to release an alternative film to "tell the truth about Amy's life."

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