Amy Winehouse Honored by Pete Doherty at Leeds Festival

Andy Shepard/Redferns/Getty Images

Prior to Bruno Mars' MTV Video Music Awards rendition of "Valerie," the Brit performed "Tears Dry on Their Own" during a solo show in Leeds, England.

More than one month after her sudden death, Amy Winehouse is still very much a presence in the music world.

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The late songstress was remembered on Sunday, Aug. 28 in the states as Tony Bennett, Russell Brand and Bruno Mars each paid their respects. Earlier in the weekend, fellow Brit Pete Doherty made tribute to Winehouse by covering her "Tears Dry on Their Own" at the Leeds Festival on Aug. 26, NME reports.

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Doherty took the stage as a solo act this year, after reuniting with his band The Libertines one year ago on the Main Stage of the festival. While the indie rocker, who has been known to have a history of substance abuse troubles, headlined the Festival Republic tent, it was Muse who took over the 2011 Main Stage.

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According to NME, one audience member said of the performance: "It was good, obviously it would have been great if The Libertines could have come back but it's always good to see Pete onstage playing the Libs songs, they do sound good acoustically. The Amy tribute was a lovely touch too."

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Doherty previously spoke out about the untimely death of his fellow musician, admitting that he was having trouble comprehending the news.

"I'm so bewildered about what happened to Amy," he said. "I was in bed when I heard the news of her death. Someone had to wake me up to tell me. I couldn't take it in and still can't. Coming to terms with what happened is almost impossible."

Doherty was released from prison one month prior to Winehouse's death after serving two of a six month sentence for cocaine possession.