Re-create Amy Winehouse's Iconic Eye Makeup

Amy Winehouse, 2007 Lollapalooza - H 2015
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Amy Winehouse, 2007 Lollapalooza - H 2015

Think of it as a tribute to the late singer, who's the subject of the new documentary 'Amy,' out July 3.

Almost four years after her untimely death, Amy Winehouse is the subject of a documentary, Amy, which premiered at Cannes before its July 3 release. It’s an appropriate time to celebrate the reasons the Back to Black singer has stayed in our collective consciousness — for one, her truly unique style.

"Her cat eye was unique and dramatic, and that’s what made it iconic," says celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles. "It was like she applied it with a Sharpie in the back of a moving taxi. It worked so well with her hair and voice and body — everything was exaggerated."

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That said, Stiles (who works with Elizabeth Banks and Gabrielle Union) notes that Winehouse’s signature look was not manufactured or manipulated, but authentic and sincere. "It felt really genuine, like she created the look alone in her bedroom, not with a team of hair and makeup people."

And while no one successfully has worn such exaggerated winged liner since the soulful singer, there are undoubtedly many who have been influenced by it — performers like Kesha, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga probably owe some of their statement-making looks to Winehouse's pioneering.

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"It’s pretty hard to pull off, honestly — you have to have the whole package to go with it," says Stiles. "Of course, you can interpret and readapt it for a more wearable look, but that really does take the fun out of it." Instead, if you’re feeling Winehouse-ian, the artist suggests using "a big fat marker liner like the Master Graphic Liquid Eyeliner from Maybelline ($7). Be fearless when drawing the line, and aim for the tail end of your eyebrows. Don’t be afraid of some clumpy mascara on the top and bottom to balance out the eyes."

And to channel the "Rehab" star truly, filled-in eyebrows and a nude lip — or pink for some warmth — finishes off the look. "Certainly no blush; that’s a bit too sweet for this vibe," says Stiles. And we all know Winehouse was definitely not going for sweet.

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