Amy Winehouse's Father Vows to Set Record Straight, Develop Own Film About Late Daughter

Mitch Winehouse, who publicly has criticized Asif Kapadia's new documentary, 'Amy,' will be releasing an alternative film to "tell the truth about Amy's life."

Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, is still furious about Asif Kapadia's recent documentary on his late daughter, Amy, and has vowed to develop an alternative film of his own in response.

Mitch made the announcement during an appearance on the British talk show Loose Women, on which he also discussed his dissatisfaction with how he and others were portrayed in Amy.

"What I say is misrepresented. I say that Amy didn't need to go to rehab, right? What I actually said was referring to 2005 Amy didn't need to go to rehab at that point. Later on was a different story altogether, which gives a totally, completely different meaning to what I said."

He also noted that Reg Traviss, Amy's boyfriend at the time of her death, had participated in seven interviews but was cut from the film. Similarly, Mitch had done "thousands of interviews," only to be edited out all but three times in the film.

"Anybody who was involved with Amy in the last three years of her life are not in the film," he said. "This nonsense about Amy being left alone for the last three years of her life is incredibly insulting. She had a lovely boyfriend, she had wonderful friends they're not in the film."

He added, "My grandson, who is 9 months old, is gonna look at this, and he's gonna say, 'Granddad, what were you doing?' If I went to see this film, and I didn't know what was happening, I'd also have a dim view of me. That's my point. It's not true."

Mitch announced that he would be collaborating with Traviss on a film of his own that would "tell the truth about Amy's life."

"I'm telling you now, we're making an alternative film, and we're gonna invite everybody who has spoken on the other film. We're not gonna edit it in the way they've edited me."

On Sunday, Mitch again tweeted his frustrations against Kapadia, calling him a "disgrace" and stating that all of his daughter's friends would be included in his upcoming project.