Amy Winehouse's Toxicology Results: Fans React

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

The singer, who died July 23, did not have illegal drugs in her system.

When Amy Winehouse was unexpectedly found dead in her London home July 23, much of the talk turned to the singer's well-documented substance abuse problems. 

But, today, toxicology reports reveal that Winehouse's system was clear of illegal drugs. The results did indicate that alcohol was present, but "it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death," a rep for the family said in a statement

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Fans took to Twitter to comment on the news, and while some remarkers shared positive messages, many expressed disbelief and shock.

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-"So glad to hear Amy Winehouse didnt die from a drugs overdose....maybe in future people wont be so harsh when someone dies!!!!!" -KristyS81

-"no "illegal drugs" found in amy winehouse at time of death but alcohol was present..i'm sure prescription pills were tho. sad." -Micki Song

-Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Amy Winehouse. Signed, Everybody Who Has Ever Heard of You." -Jim Treacher

-Ok, so no illegal drug. But what about legal drugs? #winehouse Or did she die of sobriety?" Andy Brewer

-"But on a lighter note, Amy Winehouse had no 'illegal' drugs in her system when she died...definitely didn't see what coming." -Des Letemps

-"More people appear to have been wrong about the cause of Amy Winehouse's death than have been wrong about anything else before." - Watski

-"Who'd have pegged Amy Winehouse to be one of those that would 'just' die in their sleep??"- Sera Fisher