'Schitt's Creek' Pop-Up Coming to L.A. and New York Ahead of Final Season

The three-day experience will be open Nov. 22-24 in Los Angeles and Dec. 13-15 in New York and will allow fans to step into the fictional town's Cafe Tropical, Rosebud Motel and other show-inspired sets.

While Schitt's Creek superfans can still shop the Rose family's stylish wardrobe (a few designer pieces are still up for grabs at VSP Consignment), show devotees will soon have their chance to step into the "vomit-soaked dump" (as David Rose, played by the show's co-creator Dan Levy, refers to the town) when it pops up next month in Los Angeles and New York.

Ahead of the Emmy-nominated Pop TV/CBC sitcom’s sixth and final season (which is set to debut Jan. 7 and will be syndicated on Fox stations), the fictional town's most iconic landmarks are popping up on both coasts from Nov. 22-24 at Goya Studios in Hollywood and from Dec. 13-15 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York.

The twin events also mark Pop TV’s first interactive brick-and-mortar spaces, which will bring to life a handful of memorable scenes — including that questionable "Welcome to Schitt's Creek" sign. Reservations are required for the free event, and fans can book their visit online starting Friday.

Although Schitt’s Creek is filmed in Canada (the native country of Levy and his father Eugene, who together created the show), the setting is a geographically ambiguous U.S. town. Caroline Wilson, Pop Media Group vp integrated marketing and brand partnerships, tells The Hollywood Reporter that the stateside pop-ups are “not a direct set lift from Canada over to [L.A. and N.Y.], it’s a reimagination of the places where the [Rose] family really spends a lot of their time.”

That means that fans won’t get to snap selfies outside of the beloved Café Tropical or Rosebud Motel — but they will be able to grab a seat in a diner booth, plop down on a hotel room bed or browse the shelves of the Rose Apothecary. The seven-room exhibit will, of course, also include Insta-ready props such as a motel lobby entrance, Moira Rose's wig wall and rose garden, a holiday party staircase and more.

Adds Wilson, "There's been a great attention to detail that we've really tried to focus on for this experience to make it as authentic as possible to the show itself. The fans have loved the fashion every season and some of the looks, especially of Moira Rose [played by Catherine O'Hara], so we're bringing some of that to life." 

There also will be a gift shop stocked with Schitt's Creek-inspired merchandise, including exclusive clothing and accessories that were previously available during the show’s “Up Close & Personal” tour, which made a pit stop at L.A.’s Ace Hotel last year and is headed to Atlanta, Nashville and Brooklyn next month. Visitors who prefer not to get spendy (in the penny-pinching spirit of the Roses) will still get to take home a memento of the experience in the form of Rosebud Motel keychains, which will be given to all pop-up guests.

Schitt's Creek pop-up at Goya Studios, 1541 North Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, from Friday, Nov. 22, and Saturday, Nov. 23 (12 to 8 p.m.) to Sunday, Nov. 24 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.); The Gallery at Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 8th St., New York, from Friday, Dec. 13 and Saturday, Dec. 14 (12 to 8p.m.) and Sunday, Dec. 15 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.); visitschittscreek.com.





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