An Obama Halloween: The White House Prepares for the Spooky Holiday (Video)

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Trick or treaters will apparently get nothing but treats on Saturday at the President's residence.

The White House is preparing for its annual Halloween festivities, which includes meticulous decorations and trick or treaters on Saturday.

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According to The Huffington Post, President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama will take a break from the campaign trail to welcome students from 17 area public schools, participants from the Boys and Girls Clubs, and children of military families to The White House on Saturday. It would be the Obamas’ third time they have opened 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to children for Halloween.

The visit should be all treats for the children. The building’s North Portico, also known as The White House’s façade, will be lit orange. And the entertainment will include local theatre actors, a pumpkin carving demonstration and festive decorations.

The kids’ trick or treat goodies will include M&Ms especially made for The White House, sugar cookies, and dried fruit. After all it can’t all be candy as one of the First Lady’s biggest causes is decreasing childhood obesity in America. But, she’s apparently willing to compromise for Halloween… with moderation.

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Watch the video below as the staff describes what goes into an Obama Halloween.

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