An Ode to Steve Madden's Iconic 1990s Sandal, Newly Resurrected From the Dead

Steve Madden Slinky Sandal - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Steve Madden

It has risen.

Is there anything sweeter than the sound of the gentle "thwack" of a Steve Madden Slinky sandal plodding down the sidewalk?

For many a '90s baby, the answer is no. And now, the Slinky sandal — in all its stretchy, heavy, floppy, platform and elastic glory — is being resurrected from wherever it was laid to rest somewhere back in 2001. "Relive your best '90s looks with SLINKY!" reads the description on Steve Madden's website, where the look is now available for preorder. "This throwback favorite slide, featuring a flatform sole and stretchy upper, is back and has never looked better — a must-have shoe for longtime SM girls!" (Black tattoo choker and Lisa Frank backpack stuffed with Delia's catalogs not included.)

Like so many underrated gems from '90s children's past — Gilmore Girls and Tamagotchi among them — the sandal is getting a second chance at life, bringing memories of playdates and binge marathons of Rugrats and Recess with them. The two-inch flatform style was, for many young girls, their first pair of "heels."

The Slinky sandals were by no means practical, save for perhaps completing the look of whoever in your preteen girl squad was playing Posh Spice in requisite Spice Girls re-enactments. They violated elementary-school and middle-school dress codes; they were useless (not to mention dangerous) when it came to running around a park or playground, and they had a tendency to slide right off your foot and shoot through the air like a dangerous projectile (these shoes were heavy) if you wore them on a hot day with sweaty feet.

That being said, the shoes, no doubt, will be seen on both young and old(er) this summer. Unfortunately, the '90s style doesn't come with '90s prices. A trip down memory lane will cost you $70. Worth it.