'An Open Secret' Producer Takes Director Amy Berg to Arbitration

Amy Berg - H 2015
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

In a letter initiating arbitration, Amy Berg is accused of delivering the film about Hollywood pedophilia late and incomplete.

A feud between the filmmakers behind An Open Secret, the documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood, has gotten a little nastier, with producer Gabe Hoffman initiating arbitration proceedings against director Amy Berg for a host of alleged transgressions.

Hoffman had previously complained that Berg had abandoned a commitment to help market the film and now, according to a letter obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, he's also alleging she delivered the movie late and in poor shape, on a variety of levels.

In all, the letter to Berg's Disarming Films from an attorney representing Hoffman's Esponda Productions lists six reasons for arbitration.

The letter alleges Berg not only delivered the movie late, but also in a manner that required others to whip it into shape. Insiders say the film's sound and visual quality wasn't up to snuff, for example.

Berg also failed to obtain releases from those who were interviewed in the film, according to the arbitration letter from attorney Charles Shephard of Greenberg Glusker. Insiders allege that that particular error nearly caused the film to miss its debut at Doc NYC last November.

The letter also accuses Berg of "failure to cooperate in the completion of the picture," which insiders say is a reference to the movie having to be tweaked when the credibility of one of the alleged victims of pedophilia was called into question. The movie was altered, though not by Berg, according to those with knowledge of the situation.

Berg was unavailable for comment. 

"Esponda Prods. can confirm that its legal counsel has initiated the arbitration process against Amy Berg/Disarming Films, for what we believe represent numerous material breaches of contract," Esponda said in an email to THR. "Given recent media coverage of Amy Berg's prior declines of dozens of media requests to promote An Open Secret, it should come as no surprise that one such arbitration claim regards Ms. Berg's failure to make reasonable best efforts to promote the film."

The letter designates that Greg Derin of Judicate West serve as arbitrator.

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