Ana Navarro Reacts to Trump Win: "One Nightmare Is Over, Another Is About to Begin"

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"Let's hope that he was playing a character for campaign purposes," says the Republican CNN commentator.

Outspoken Donald Trump critic Ana Navarro talked about his win on CNN this morning.

"One nightmare is over, another is about to begin," said the Republican, wearing a #TGIO (Thank God It's Over) shirt. She said that while she doesn't like Trump, she respects the office of the president. "He won fair and square," said the CNN pundit, adding that she wishes him success since the president's success is the country's success. "As much as I dislike him, he is now my president-elect."

When asked if she found Trump's victory speech comforting, she responded, "I found very little comforting last night."

"Let's hope that he was playing a character for campaign purposes," she said, saying that Trump's job is to govern a divided country, half of which is now feeling "completely disenfranchised" and in despair. She added that it feels like two Americas — one white and one nonwhite.

"I hope and pray that the Donald Trump we saw in the campaign is not the Donald Trump we see as president of the United States. I know that he can't do it alone," she said, commenting on the importance of who Trump appoints to his cabinet.

Navarro, who voted for Hillary Clinton as a vote against Trump, said what Clinton says in her concession speech today will be very important. She blamed both Republicans and Democrats for Trump's win. "We all own what happened last night," she said. "Democrats nominated the only person who could lose to Donald Trump and she did."

Panelist Matt Lewis disagreed with Navarro, saying he thought it was less about Clinton and more about an international anti-establishment trend. He echoed her hope that there will be a "tale of two Trumps" and that the candidate who threatened to ban Muslims was just "fronting a little bit" to win the election.

Navarro said the country is "in for a reality check" and she hopes that the Republican leaders who didn't support Trump will meet with him to figure out an agenda together.