Ana Navarro Says Donald Trump Needs "His Medication" Over Twitter "Tantrums"

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The president-elect sent early-morning tweets aimed at CNN and First Amendment rights.

CNN commentator Ana Navarro has weighed in on Donald Trump's tweeting habits, suggesting the president-elect needs "his medication" over his recent social media "tantrums."

"When a 2-year-old throws a tantrum, he throws himself on the floor and he starts kicking and screaming," Navarro, a Republican pundit and vocal critic of Trump's, said to CNN Tonight's Don Lemon on Monday night. "When 70-year-old Donald Trump throws a tantrum, he goes to Twitter. It's time that somebody give him his medication."

The comment prompted fellow panelist and Trump supporter Paris Dennard to step in with an appeal to Lemon: "Don, too far. What medication? Don. Seriously."

Navarro continued, however, saying Trump's recent strings of tweets are not helping to calm the divided nation. She specifically referenced Trump's posts targeting Hamilton and a series of tweets he sent Monday night aimed at the cable news network over alleged voter fraud.

"He has tweeted out five tweets against CNN in the last hour," she said. "This is a man who has got 4,000 positions to fill, a cabinet to fill, intelligence briefings to attend and he's tweeted out 13 tweets against inexistent voter fraud and the recount, five tweets against CNN and [reporter] Jeff Zeleny, c'mon? You're president-elect. Dude, you won. Act like it."

After Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that it would participate in recount efforts in key states including Wisconsin, Trump took to Twitter to make an unfounded claim that "millions" voted illegally in the election. There has been no indication of widespread election tampering or voter fraud in the November election, and Trump has offered no proof.

Later Monday night, Trump again drew attention to his Twitter feed when he said the burning of the American flag should come with consequences, "perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Flag burning is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment.

Trump's senior communications adviser Jason Miller appeared on CNN shortly after the president-elect posted the flag-burning tweet, and told anchor Chris Cuomo, "Flag burning is completely ridiculous. And I think you know that and I think the vast majority of Americans would agree."

Cuomo then pointed out: "But legal."