Ana Navarro Explains Why She Voted for Hillary Clinton

The View - Screenshot - H - 2016

"I live in a swing state and the damn thing is too close."

Republican pundit Ana Navarro, who has been extremely vocal about her disgust for Donald Trump, originally planned on casting a protest vote by writing in her mother's name on her election ballot. But ultimately, she voted for Hillary Clinton and explained why on Tuesday's The View.

“I live in a swing state and the damn thing is too close," said Navarro, a Florida resident. "It’s too close to call. It’s 50/50. I decided, you know what, girl, get yourself together. You can’t do symbolism this year."

She added, "I voted for Hillary Clinton, but more than anything, I voted against Donald Trump.”

Navarro said she finds the election this year to be "surreal."

"We are crazy," she said, "We have gone through the looking glass." Navarro pointed out that people are "boasting about being deplorable or being nasty," talking about body parts and doing mannequin challenges.  "We’re not talking about policy.”

In a CNN op-ed, Navarro elaborated on her decision to vote against Trump, detailing a list of his offenses and explaining that while she thinks Clinton has had "bad judgment," she thinks Trump is worse because he has "bad character."

"One vote is our right," she wrote. "One vote is our weapon. I am exercising mine against Donald Trump."

On The View, Navarro said she is dealing with her decision "just fine" because she is confident that she is a Republican, no matter her presidential vote. She told America to give itself a "group hug" in honor of surviving this election.

"I think this has been such a tough journey for our country, so divisive, so hostile," said Navarro. "The things that have been injected into the debate, into the political language this year have been racist, misogynist, sexist, bigoted. It’s just been too ugly. We deserve better and this should never happen again.”

The pundit received a standing ovation from the audience after a supercut played of all of the times she criticized Trump.

"If Donald Trump wins, I’m going to be looking for a place to seek exile," Navarro told The Hollywood Reporter in October. "I’m pretty sure he’s planning on deporting me."

As election results rolled in Tuesday, Navarro got nervous about the possible implications: