Anchor Bay wades into theaters


Overture Films' sister company Anchor Bay is expanding into the theatrical world, forming a label that will release movies in a limited number of theatrical venues.

The unit, dubbed Anchor Bay Films, will release films that essentially come between the core areas of the two companies — titles smaller than Overture's theatricals but bigger than Anchor Bay's straight-to-DVD titles. Anchor Bay Entertainment president Bill Clark will run the division.

The movies will primarily be a niche theatrical play on fewer than 100 screens, with the possibility of breaking out the occasional film to a wider audience. About eight to 10 titles per year are planned; the films will come in addition to Anchor Bay's existing DVD titles.

"The market conditions are presenting us with an array of opportunities," Anchor Bay CEO Chris McGurk said.

The expansion also is a way to get broader exposure for Anchor Bay's DVD titles as well as fill the Anchor Bay DVD library and Starz television library more quickly. (Starz is another Overture sister company.) (partialdiff)