'Anchorman 2' Superticket Costs $33, Includes Digital Download of Sequel, Alternate Version of First Film

The package allows you to see the Paramount film two days before its Dec. 18 release, at select AMC theaters.

More details about the Anchorman 2 superticket have been revealed. The $33 special offer, which lets you see the Anchorman sequel two days before its Dec. 18 release date, includes a digital download of an alternate version of the original film, Anchorman -- Wake Up Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie; a pre-order for the digital download of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which will be available weeks before the film is released on DVD and Blu-ray; and a $5 concession card.

The tickets are available through Fandango and apply to screenings at 58 participating AMC theaters in 39 markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose and Washington, D.C.

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The following video message from Will Ferrell in character as Ron Burgundy also was posted Tuesday, with the fictional newsman promoting the package and adding "the old RB special: yours truly will come to your house and make sweet love to your slightly overweight but still firm wife," before he's instructed by a voice off-camera that that's not part of the deal.

"Well, that's unfortunate for all parties involved," Burgundy says. "I'm sorry, America, I will not be making sweet love to your wife, but you'll get all that other Anchorman stuff. I will still make love to your wife, but not as part of this promotional package. It will be a personal gift from me, Ron Burgundy, and clearly not endorsed by anybody here."

Paramount announced last month that it's offering a superticket, which it previously used for Brad Pitt's World War Z, for the Anchorman sequel.

The World War Z megaticket cost $50 and was available in five U.S. cities, allowing purchasers to see the film two days prior to its official release and receive an HD digital copy of the film when it becomes available. The package also included a small popcorn, a pair of custom RealD 3D glasses and a movie poster. For that program, Paramount partnered with Regal Entertainment Group.

You can purchase an Anchorman superticket here.