Anderson Cooper 'Scared' in Egypt, Whereabouts Undisclosed After Second Attack (VIDEO)


The CNN reporter's caravan was hit with rocks Thursday - the day after he was punched in the head 10 times by pro-Mubarak supporters.

Anderson Cooper was attacked again on Egyptian streets on Thursday, marking the second time in a week that the CNN reporter has been assaulted while covering the Egyptian protests.

Cooper called in to CNN's Parker Spitzer Thursday night and relayed the incident to host Elliot Spitzer, first confirming that despite the recent attack he is doing "fine, and the people I'm with are fine."

"I was in a vehicle that basically was going through a crowd of Mubarak supporters ... there was no other way around it...and we basically got surrounded by them and attacked," Cooper said. "A rock was thrown through the window on my side, which was fine, and we just started screaming to the driver, 'Go, go, go,' and we got out of there, luckily, and we are fine."

The Anderson Cooper 360 anchor remained mum on details of his whereabouts to prevent further attacks, but he said he considered the assault "a minor incident," especially when compared to the escalating attacks on foreign correspondents covering the ongoing conflict in Egypt.

On Wednesday, Cooper was reportedly "punched 10 times in the head as a pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration," CNN producer Steve Brusk Tweeted.

Despite the violence, Cooper has stated that he will continue to report in Egypt.

See the full Parker Spitzer interview below.