Billy Eichner Gets Up Close and Personal with Anderson Cooper in New 'Billy on the Street' Promo

Billy On the Street - H 2015
Courtesy of truTV / Turner Broadcasting

"Sir, are you proud of Cate Blanchett?"

The new Billy on the Street teaser features CNN’s Anderson Cooper as he delivers breaking news out of New York City. But the newscaster isn’t reporting his typical beat, instead he focuses in on TruTV's Billy on the Street.

The show follows Billy Eichner as he runs through New York City, quizzing random strangers on all things pop culture.

In the new promo, Cooper explains that a "strange, loud man" is ambushing strangers on the streets of New York City. This man, of course, is Billy Eichner. As Cooper continues his cast, he becomes ambushed himself. 

"Oh look at you delivering hard news," Eichner says, interrupting Cooper, "You think Walter Cronkite would have spent New Year Eve with Kathy Griffin?" 

Chris Pratt, Tina Fey, Anna Kendrick and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few more celebrity faces you can expect to see as guest stars on the show’s new season.

Billy on the Street airs Oct. 8 at 10:30 p.m. on TruTv. Take a look at the new promo below.