Anderson Cooper Fires Back at Stephen Colbert (Video)

The CNN anchor accuses the "Colbert Report" host of ripping him off after Colbert mocks Cooper on his show.

The feud between Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert is heating up.

Two weeks ago, Colbert mocked Cooper for putting Sean Hannity on his "RidicuList" after Hannity did some creative editing of a Cooper clip.

Colbert then put Cooper on his "On Notice" board and accused Cooper of ripping off that list for his own show.

But now Cooper has turned the tables on Colbert.

"I gotta admit I struggled tonight whether or not to add this person to this list, but I decided in the end: Enough is enough," Cooper said, then pronouncing the Comedy Central host's last name as "Col-burt" instead of "Col-bear."

Cooper went on to accuse Colbert of copying the CNN host, saying he appeared on the cover of Outside magazine 12 months before Colbert and launched his Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor years ahead of the Colbert Report host.

"Not since I woke up disoriented smelling of toner in a Kinko's on 56th and Broadway have I seen such blatant copying," Cooper said.