Anderson Cooper Shares the Very Personal Question His Mom Gloria Vanderbilt Thought Andy Cohen Would Ask Her

Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

The CNN host also talked to NBC's Seth Meyers about Donald Trump's love of cable news.

Anderson Cooper spoke to Seth Meyers about the experience of doing a press tour with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, for their joint memoir, The Rainbow Comes and Goes.

He recounted being backstage before going on Watch What Happens Live with Vanderbilt, who is 93, and having her ask an unexpected question about what host Andy Cohen would want to talk to her about

"He's not going to ask me who had the biggest cock in Hollywood is he?" Vanderbilt said to Cooper.

"I was like, 'Who are you?'" said Cooper. "Please never say that word to me again." Cooper said he told Cohen what Vanderbilt said and that Cohen perked up at the opportunity, asking if that was actually something he could ask.

He also spoke about his mother calling Cher the daughter she never had, saying that now Cher texts him referring to him as "little brother."

In his Late Night interview, Cooper also spoke about Donald Trump's love of cable news. "He watches CNN all the time; this is not in dispute at all," said Cooper. "Because he has texted about people I'm interviewing while I'm interviewing them. He would do that during the campaign."

Cooper added, "He watches me on CNN probably more than my mom watches me on CNN."

Meyers asked if Cooper thinks that maybe Trump watches too much cable news. "At a certain point you would think there's gotta be something more important going for the president to be doing then flicking around the shows," responded Cooper.