Anderson Cooper Questions His Safety 60 Miles From Japan Nuclear Explosion (VIDEO)

"Should I get out of here?" the worried CNN correspondent asks on-air.

Just last month, Anderson Cooper was punched in the head 10 times by pro- Hosni Mubarak supporters in Egypt.

On Sunday night (Monday afternoon in Japan), the CNN correspondent was worried about broadcasting live about 60 miles from an explosion at a nuclear power plant in Japan following the country's devastating earthquake.

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After Cooper got word that a second explosion had occurred at the Fukushima plant, Cooper asked nuclear expert Jim Walsh if he was safe, adding that he was concerned because they were on-air about 100 kilometers north of the reactor.

"How far are we from Fukushima?" Cooper asked his crew. "Which way is the wind blowing?"

"The subtext here, Jim, is, should I get out of here?" Cooper questioned Walsh.

Walsh told Cooper he was "inclined to think" they'd be safe.