Anderson Cooper 'Sickened' by Assault on CBS News' Lara Logan; Viewers Tweet Messages of Support

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The brutal assault on the CBS News correspondent has sparked outrage online.

Following CBS News' horrific announcement Tuesday that Lara Logan was brutally attacked in Egypt Feb. 11, reporters and viewers took to Twitter to send their well wishes to news correspondent, who is currently recovering in the hospital.

"We have seen Lara's compassion at work while helping journalists who have faced brutal aggression while doing their jobs," Committee to Protect Journalists Chairman Paul Steiger said in a statement. "She is a brilliant, courageous, and committed reporter. Our thoughts are with Lara as she recovers."

CNN's  Anderson Cooper Tweeted: “Sickened and saddened by the attack on Lara Logan. She is in all of our thoughts and prayers.”

NBC Nightly News' Twitter feed read: "Sending our best to @CBSNews correspondent Lara Logan after her horrific ordeal in Cairo last week."
The news quickly spread across Twitter.
"This should NEVER happen! Not to a fellow journalist, not to a woman, not to anyone!" wrote one.
Another Tweeted: "I am horrified, frozen, in a state of shock about what happened to Lara Logan. Praying for her."
"This is absolutely horrific. Lara Logan and all women for that matter deserve more respect!" a third Tweet read.
"I really don't like to get political here on Twitter , but what happened to Lara Logan should really open up some eyes ... My prayers are with Lara Logan ... hope she recovers soon ..... Any man that sexually assaults a woman is not a man .. he is pond scum and not worthy of being called a man ...." one Tweeted.
"Keeping CBS' Lara Logan and her family in my thoughts and prayers. I've always admired her work and look up to women like her," read another message.
CBS News says no further comment will be made and Logan's family respectfully request privacy at this time.